Friday, June 27, 2008


Here are some more pics of my newest cousin Sierra Rylee and of course some new pics of me! Hope to see you all soon.

Aunt Trish, Uncle Viet and me
Mommy and Daddy with Cousin Vincent

Me and Cousin Vincent

My family

Me and Aunt Vy

Daddy and Me

What is going on?

I like to pose for the camera

Sierra Rylee

Uncle Max and my cousins in SA

Aunt Nancy and Sierra

Cousin Sierra is cute~

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Looks like Nancy to Me

My cousin looks just like her momma. Here are some first pictures of her. I will be down to see you soon.

Sierra and her momma

Grandpa and Sierra

The Kruegers

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Welcome Sierra!!!

Yesterday evening my first female cousin was born. Congratulations Uncle Max and Auntie Nancy. I am so excited, I cant wait to go down and see her. I don't have any pictures yet but I will post them as soon as possible.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Bday Cuz Nick!

Wow we had a fun weekend, on Friday night mommy and daddy took me out to eat. Seeing how there are not too many places by our house open yet they went to the newest one that just opened and the wait was 2 hours long. We didnt feel like waiting for 2 stinking hours for Mexican food so we went next door to the Irish Pub and and ate. Dad had good old fish and chips and mommy had this thing called boxy. Its some type of potato pancake but it had chicken and bacon on top. It was a long week for mom working so they decided to go home after dinner. I had my usual bath and store time and then off to bed for me. On Saturday, mom's friend Christy came by from Ft Worth to visit. She is having a baby boy due in October. We had bbq and went swimming all day long. Daddy didnt take any pictures. Good thing because I havent had a chance to tan yet. On Sunday we went to A town for Nicks Bday. He is three years old. Wow time sure does go by fast huh. I hope I am as big as him one day. We spend several hours at grandma's after that. Daddy slept most of the time. I got to hang out with my Ong/Ba Noi. I miss them already. Well its getting late. Good night everyone. I cant wait to see you all on 4th of July.

Mommy and I


Where are you taking Me?
Happy Bday Nick

Cau Viet and Cuz Vincent Mouse

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back to posting

Sorry I have gotten away from posting but my mom and dad have been pretty busy and they dont let me on the computer without their supervision.

Well alot have been going on since I last posted. I got to see my friend Tessa at her 1st birthday party, hungout with my cousin vincent and got to see my grandparents several times. I have grown so much as well. I am now 16lbs. I love to smile alot too. I spend most days with Ms. Michelle and I miss my mommy and daddy but I get to spend the evenings and weekends with them. Daddy has started working out, he has more baby fat then me. Last night we went for a walk around the park near our house. There's a nice little lake there, daddy said he would take me fishing pretty soon. mommy saw some sand volleyball courts and it reminded her of her glory days of playing volleyball. After the long walk we went to go see the snocone lady. Mommy and daddy loved it, i tried a bit but it was too cold. There are no pictures for me to post so i googled some for your pleasure.

Umm Sno Cone

Mommy and I walking

Daddy Playing Tennis

Sunday, June 1, 2008

2 Months Old!

Me on my first road trip

Cousin Mason isn't afraid of the cows

Aunt Kay and Me

Mommy and me at the apple orchard

Me and Mason

Wildflower Festival Richardson, TX

Paige looking cute at the festival

My family~

Hey...why does he have daddy's shoes

Mommy and me on our road trip

Me and Mason jumping on grandpa's bed!!

The Krueger boys

Mommy and me at Grandpa's

Daddy and me at grandpa's

It's soooo funny!

Check out my pacifier! (Thanks Ginny)

Grandpa and me

Mason caught one!!

I am 2 months old today! Time is flying by and I am having so much fun meeting new people, going places and discovering new things.

Last weekend we went to San Antonio. I got to see my cousin Mason and Uncle Max and Aunt Nancy for the first time. My cousin Mason is getting so tall..I have a long way to catch up to him! While we were there we went out to my Grandpa's place in the country and hung out with Grandma and Aunt Kay. We had lots of fun. Daddy and Uncle Max helped Grandpa do some real ranch work with Grandpa's cows and Mason and Grandma went fishing. I can't wait to go back when I am a little bigger to take part in all the activities!

Last week was another milestone for me, because mommy went back to work. It was hard for mommy at first, but I think we are all getting used to it.

That's all for now!